A Few of My Favorite  Business Tools

Siteground Hosting

Hosting is the most common question I get from folks, so this is number 1. If you have a great hosting provider – your website become oh-so-much-easier to manage.


I take sooooooooooo many notes, it was time to find something that was reusable – enter Rocketbook. Write, draw, create…upload and erase. OMG – total game changer for me.


These guys have made it so easy to build a funnel. No technical experience necessary! Take their 1-Funnel away challenge and see what you think.


I use this practically everyday and they keep coming out with more templates. I couldn’t love this software more.

The bonus is that it’s FREE to use and so easy to get started!

Knowledge Broker Blueprint

Learning from Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi has been a game changer for me and friends that joined their program when it first launched. Now’s your chance to learn from the best.


We’ve been using zoom for a few years now and love it. So easy to use.

The best part is you can get started for FREE!


Imagine getting all your printing needs satisfied and doing good in the world. There is no other company that I love more than these guys! 

My Personal Health Essentials!

Imperfect Foods

Never judge a book by it’s cover…and never judge produce by it’s weird shape. HA! These guys deliver healthy veggies and fruits to my door! So easy to sign up and start your deliveries!


We’ve used these guys quite a bit during quarantine – great service and selection of neighborhood restaurants in your area. Enjoy!

Amazon Prime

From free shipping to great movies, we have enjoyed being Prime Members ever since my last late fee from Blockbuster was over $25 for one movie!


Just plug it into your TV and you have a mini media hub of Amazon Prime shows, Netflix movies, HULU, Disney+, etc. We haven’t paid for cable for years because our ROKU had us covered…


Create and Launch Your Online Course in 30 Days Masterclass