Curated courses to help you figure out that next piece in your puzzle, so you can overcome and triumph!

Some of the courses are do-it-with-you programs and some are go at your own pace.
Looking for something that isn’t here…drop us a line, chances are pretty good it’s in the vault but not on the site (this is where you come in).

Tell us what you need and we’ll see if it’s in the vault.

The Courses

I compiled the most common questions I get and put them in to free downloads, videos and worksheets that you can grab right now. If you are struggling in an area, instead of spending hours/days trying to figure it out on your own, just download the freebie you need.

Need something that isn’t listed? Check out my courses, it might need a little more instruction to help.

Online Course Bootcamp

For some, the masterclass is all they need to get past the roadblocks of building and launching their course.

If you are one of those who would appreciate an opportunity to have me work with them for 30 days to to build and launch their first course, if that’s you – I’ve made it so simple.

Grab your seat and let’s get that course built and launched so you can stop spinning your wheels and start sharing your genius with the world.

Intro to Canva

This Canva 1.0 will help you unleash your inner creative artist. We’ll look at how to use the Canva templates to create your posts, images, logos, etc.

Once you understand the power of this free software you might just take up becoming a freelance graphic artist.

I’ll go through the important sections , from there, we will create a Facebook ad together.

Zoom 101

Welcome to the new world of zoom meetings, zoom gatherings and zoom presentations…

Across the world, 5 year old’s to 80 year old’s are signing in to a software called zoom to connect with loved ones, attend classes and celebrate milestones. Chances are you have probably been invited to a zoom call at least once in the last month, so why not emerge as the go-to person in your circle of influence for those that are struggling to use this technology. What we’ll cover: Introduction to Zoom, how to show up to a Zoom call, etiquette during a Zoom call, and how to host your own Zoom call.


It [online course masterclass] was awesome!

I am not developing a course but videos on meditation for my YouTube channel. You really helped me focus my thought and direction to tackle this project. Thank you!

– Jesse O.